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The eco Traveler

Eco travel, newly derived form of travel, is an ecology based travel which includes sightseeing of places rich in their natural, cultural and historical heritage. Fetching a deeper insight of stunning beauty of cultural and natural resources of a place, eco travel is meant specially for tourists willing to venture a vacation far from commotion of rest of the world and learn about the different cultural and geographical beauty of a place. Letting eco travellers enjoy the best possible joy of being in complete serenity and in stark harmony with the nature, eco travel is one of the best model originated by nature based modern tourism.


Fire is the most essential part of a traveler mostly when one is camping or on the road.
The most important part is how you light your fire and how you put it out, most travelers most of the time can forget to put out the fire completely after use and that leads to a lot of fire outbreaks that can destroy very old and sensitive ecological systems.
First tip is to use environmental friendly methods of starting a fire avoid gas lighters fire starting liquids. There many other ways to start a fire for example one can use a fire starter that last longer and a friendly to nature. I have listed examples below with images and where to buy them if necessary.
Don’t ever leave a fire unattended when camping or spending time outdoors cooking.
Put out your cigarette completely after smokings bury the filter if necessary it’s good for plants.
Avoid gas lighters and use stick matches if possible a fire starter.


It’s always a good idea to use perishable waste disposable bags and avoid leaving behind plastics bags and bottles.
When on a picnic or camping it is responsible to avoid plastic disposables and use paper as they are cheap user friendly and it turns out be manual for the soil.
It is a good idea to carry with you all plastic waste you accumulate to deposit it in a rightful manner in the right cabbage bins for recycling.


It’s also advisable to avoid the use of chemical aero sprays the likeness of body deodorants, shampoos and certain types of cleaning products outdoors while camping or on a road trip after a shower or wash it always finds its way to nature water reservoirs underground which not healthy for nature and humans alike for consumption of contaminated water.
They are environmentally friendly soaps and products that are made for responsible travelers. You can get these products if you ask your local store before you travel


It’s always a good idea to keep water and water sources clean after camping or on a road trip most travelers find it handy to stay close by fresh water sources but when one uses the water for showering swimming and washing it is advisable not to use heavy chemical based detergents shower gels and deodorants as this chemicals will find they way to your food when use the same water for cooking or drinking.
NB: Using a water filtering system before you use the water is very useful for ones healthy.